Solo releases:

All songs written, performed & produced by Ragnar Zolberg
except where indicated

Forest Lovesongs – 2022
*drums on tracks 2, 3, 4 & 5 by Skúli Gíslason
*bass on tracks 2, 3 & 5 by Hálfdán Árnason


ROG II – 2020


220 / Celestía – 2020
*drums on Celestía by Skúli Gíslason

220:Celestía simi

Sonr Ravns
– 2018
*songs #1&2 co-produced by Daniel Bergstrand

Sonr Ravns artwork

ROG – 2018

Rog cover

The Circle (Darker Side) 10th anniversary release – 2017

the_circle_final copy*

The Hermit
– 2014

*Double bass by Borgar Magnason
*piano and percussion samples in “The Stone Opens” by Grafik, Sýn – 1983

Hermit cover

The Hanged Man
– 2011
*Cello by Björn Mysta
* Agliz  (music: Arnar G. & Gísli Jón, lyrics: Gísli Jón)

The Hanged Man artwork

The Circle
 – 2008

*Double bass by Helgi Egilsson
* A Fantastic Piece of Architecture written by: Stephen Hill & Jim Rutledge (Bloodrock, 1970)

the circle artwork

 – 1998
*Egill Örn on drums
*numerous guest appearances

Upplifun litil scan107 copy-2



with Pain of Salvation:

In the Passing Light of Day – 2017
Music written by Daniel G. & Ragnar Zolberg
*Meaningless is rework of the Sign song Rockers Don’t Bathe
written by Ragnar Zolberg in 2012

itplod artwork

Remedy Lane (Re-Lived) – 2016
Live performance of Remedy Lane,

lead guitar, vocals & co-producer

remedy live

Falling Home – 2014
Guitar & vocal, songwriting on title track which is rework of the Ragnar Zolberg song Firebird from 2008.


with Sign:

Hermd – 2013
written & produced by Arnar Grétarsson & Ragnar Zolberg
Additional production: Daniel Bergstrand, Umbreit & Sorg

SignHermd_cover jp2

Out From the Dirt (EP)
– 2012

All music written & produced by Ragnar Zolberg
Except Words of Mine by Sign in 2007

out from the dirt

The Hope – 2007
Written and produced by Sign
Vocals production and additional mixing by Jolyon Vaughan Thomas
Executive vocal production by Ken Thomas


Maiden Heaven (Various Artists) – 2008
Sign’s cover of Run to the Hills


Thank God For Silence – 2005
Written & Produced by Sign
additional production by Mark Plati & Earl Slick

TGFS artwork

Fyrir Ofan Himininn – 2002
Music written by Ragnar Zolberg & Baldvin Freyr
Produced by Ragnar Zolberg & Rafn R. Jónsson

Fyrir ofan himininn

Vindar & Breytingar – 2001
Music written by Ragnar Zolberg & Hörður Stefánsson
Produced by Ragnar Zolberg & Rafn R. Jónsson

V&B artwork



Mirror World – 2021
All music written, performed and produced by Ragnar Zolberg and
Ómar Emilsson


The Battles of Brothers – 2011
All music written, performed and produced by Ragnar Zolberg and
Ómar Emilsson



Mighty BearTveir + Tveir 2021
Cover/Remix of the song “Bless”

Mightybear Tveir+tveir (1)

Aanonymous BandFeelings 2015
Hi-fi melancholic and acoustic side project with anonymous friends

feelings aanonymous

1997. Woofer – Græna Tréð (guitar) *guest appearance

2003. Noise – Pretty Ugly (drums)

2004. Rabbi – Fuglar Geta Ekki Flogið á Tunglinu (guitars, vocals, writing, production)

2005. Dimma – Dimma (guitar) *guest appearance on the song “Stardust”

2007. Single Drop – Single drop (vocals) *guest appearance on the songs No More & Hide from Shadows

2007. Various Artists – Higher Voltage (Kerrang! Compilation tribute album) *Sign – Youth Gone Wild

2008. Dr. Spock – Falcon Christ (vocals) *guest appearance on Rainboy

2008. Various Artists – Maiden Heaven (Kerrang! Compilation tribute to Iron Maiden) *Sign – Run to the Hills

2009. Ragnar Solberg – Heroes (single digitally released under Ragnar Solberg)

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