an in depth talk about Forest Lovesongs

Sincere thanks to Sigismund for the flattering words and interest in my latest solo album.

New album “Forest Lovesongs” pre-order

I have been silent for a while now, but that usually means that I’m working hard on something new…
So it may not come as a surprise to some, but ever since the release of my last album, I have not stopped working on new material.
“Forest Lovesongs” is the first of 3 solo albums to be ready, the other two will follow shortly after… somtime next year.

I decided not to release any singles beforehand, I’d rather it would be experienced as a whole but I just couldn’t not-give you anything to go on, so I decided to have the song “Release” available for everyone who pre-orders the album.

Pre-ordered cd’s will be shipped by the end of september, so chances are that Europeans will have it in their hands before the official release date, which is the 12th of Oct. 2022.

Much love

Headphones EP

New EP with exclusive songs, only 22 copies available

New Song “Headphones”

I have just released a new song on bandcamp from my upcoming album.

The song is called Headphones and it is a tribute to the importance of music, the beautiful feeling of putting your headphones on and watching the rest of the world and all of its problems disappear.

RÓ – Mirror World

The new album by my darling project RÓ is now out on all streaming services.
The album is called Mirror World and it was recorded at the Sólberg studio.

track list:
1. Captive
2. Hymn
3. Defeat
4. Satellite
5. Ankh
6. Mirror World
7. Apex
8. Amethyst
9. S.N.R.
10. The World Stopped

Ómar Emilsson: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming
Ragnar Zolberg: drums, bass, guitar, vocals, programming, mixing & mastering
Frosti Gnarr: album cover artwork

Jóla ep

My Jóla EP is ready, it won’t be on spotify for a week or so but if anyone’s impatient they can head over to my bandcamp site and listen to it there or buy for 4 dollars (with info on the tracks and lyrics).

With love and wishes for happy yule times!

ROG II on streaming and pre-sale

Edited: ROG II will hit most some streaming services on Friday the 13th of November (including apple music)

Pre-sale for physical handmade CD will start the same day.

The album is an acoustic one just like the original ROG, but while the first one had both original songs as well as stripped down acoustic versions of already existing songs, ROG II is strictly original material.

I was meaning to do the same thing as on the first one but I just couldn’t stop writing new songs. What happened was, I hit a very deep anxiety period where I was just a mess, on the weekends I’d go into my studio with a bottle of wine and just start recording what I was feeling. Sometimes recording 2-3 songs per night, then I didn’t listen to them until I had them all done. The very next day my anxiety was completely gone so this served me as a very good therapy, digging as deep into my darkest corners as I could and just stare the problems straight in the eye. As I heard somewhere: The only way to eliminate darkness is by shining light on it and seeing it for what it really is.

Needless to say, the album is veeeery gloomy and heavy, by far my most melancholic one yet, but I sincerely hope that it might do for others what it did for me.

Anyways, you have been warned 🙂


220 / Celestía CD pre sale

a pre-sale for the CD is up and running, the batch consists of handmade and numbered CD’s, 44 in total.

The song 220 is written about my time as a teenager living in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. 220 being the postal code of my old neighbourhood. The song is all sung in Icelandic and is influenced by hope for a better future.


The CD’s will be shipped in the next week as I am still working on the packaging, anyone who still has an undelivered shipment can expect their orders to be shipped next week as well! Sorry for the wait…

With Love


220:Celestía simi

Happy 2020

Happy new year to everyone reading this.

I recorded this christmas song a day before heading out for a 2 week christmas travel with my family and we were already in Milan when this video was out.

I didn’t do much to promote it (like with everything else I do) but here it is in case you missed it. Might come in handy for next christmas!

With Love

Ragnar Zolberg


Rise Above fourth video from Sonr Ravns (album out now)


Video by Ólafur Kiljan filmed at Solberg studio