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220 / Celestía CD pre sale

a pre-sale for the CD is up and running, the batch consists of handmade and numbered CD’s, 44 in total.

The song 220 is written about my time as a teenager living in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. 220 being the postal code of my old neighbourhood. The song is all sung in Icelandic and is influenced by hope for a better future.


The CD’s will be shipped in the next week as I am still working on the packaging, anyone who still has an undelivered shipment can expect their orders to be shipped next week as well! Sorry for the wait…

With Love


220:Celestía simi

Happy 2020

Happy new year to everyone reading this.

I recorded this christmas song a day before heading out for a 2 week christmas travel with my family and we were already in Milan when this video was out.

I didn’t do much to promote it (like with everything else I do) but here it is in case you missed it. Might come in handy for next christmas!

With Love

Ragnar Zolberg


Rise Above fourth video from Sonr Ravns (album out now)


Video by Ólafur Kiljan filmed at Solberg studio

Pre-order Sonr Ravns

Sonr Ravns album cover 3000

Sonr Ravns will be released on December 2nd (my and Britney Spears birthday)
Pre-orders now available from my store

Sonr Ravns was written, performed and produced by yours truly. Additional creative inputs from Arnar G (guitarist of Sign) Mixed and overall made better by Daniel Bergstrand at Dugout Productions and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory at Obey Mastering.
The name Sonr Ravns means Son of Raven which comes from my surname “Rafnsson” as my fathers name was Rafn (meaning Raven….pheeeew)

1. Sonr Ravns
2. Closure
3. Rise Above
4. Mountain Top
5. Edge of the World
6. Volcanic Fields
7. Dark Allure
8. Krunk
9. My Symbol Sól
10. Vetur

Closure – Official Video

Here is a brand new video for the song Closure which is the third single off my upcoming album Sonr Ravns.
The video was directed, shot and edited by my good friend Ólafur Kiljan with some serious creative input from Arnar Grétarsson (Sign).
I am so thrilled to be sharing this song and video, hope you like it!

ROG (acoustic album)

While I have been working on artwork and some logistic stuff for my upcoming album Sonr Ravns I accidentally recorded a collection of acoustic songs, some new and some old ones.
I put them together into an album called “ROG”. At the moment it is only available in physical format and it comes in handmade packaging, painted by yours truly.

When or if this album will be available digitally is yet to be determined but for now it is available (in more than 22 copies) at my store.

Rog cover


  1. Mountain Top (acoustic)
  2. Rockers Don’t Bathe (acoustic)
  3. Hear as I’m Calling (acoustic)
  4. Heroine
  5. The Beat (acoustic)
  6. Not Alone
  7. Dying Gift
  8. Rog
  9. My Guiding Star
  10. I Lost the Way

Mountain Top EP

Limited EP with B-sides from upcoming album Sonr Ravns plus the title track and an acoustic version of it as well.


The ep is limited to 22 copies


New Single Mountain Top

The new single Mountain Top is taken from upcoming solo album “Sonr Ravns” which is produced by Swedish metal guru Daniel Bergstrand and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory at Obey mastering.

The video to Mountain Top, directed and filmed by Icelandic Ólafur Kiljan was filmed, colour graded and edited using only an iphone.


T-shirts shipped

All orders (pre-christmas) have been shipped now. They all sold out except for a couple of Medium sizes that are left.
Big thanks to everyone who ordered the t-shirts! Hope you enjoy.





The first official Raknr t-shirts are now up for sale at the merch store

buy now and get it sent before christmas along with a christmas card from Ragnar

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