New album “Forest Lovesongs” pre-order

I have been silent for a while now, but that usually means that I’m working hard on something new…
So it may not come as a surprise to some, but ever since the release of my last album, I have not stopped working on new material.
“Forest Lovesongs” is the first of 3 solo albums to be ready, the other two will follow shortly after… somtime next year.

I decided not to release any singles beforehand, I’d rather it would be experienced as a whole but I just couldn’t not-give you anything to go on, so I decided to have the song “Release” available for everyone who pre-orders the album.

Pre-ordered cd’s will be shipped by the end of september, so chances are that Europeans will have it in their hands before the official release date, which is the 12th of Oct. 2022.

Much love

6 responses to “New album “Forest Lovesongs” pre-order

  1. Three new records?! Amazing; you and your work ethic are an inspiration.

    Exciting to see the longer song runtimes on this one.

    Also, dear Ragnar, is there a chance that Forest Lovesongs (and other forthcoming, or older, full-lengths) could make it to Bandcamp? I’m living in China and not only do shipping costs tend to the prohibitive, but ever since Covid hit, I’ve had no luck (as in, ZERO luck) with packages actually arriving. Everything just gets lost in the post — imprisoned in customs, presumably. When I went to inquire after some packages at the local customs office last year, I was roundly scolded, and shooed off emptyhanded, by employees in hazmat suits…

    As someone who generally notices the difference between MP3 or your typical low-quality stream and FLAC, I’d be glad of the chance to pay for high-quality digital files.

  2. Hey Ragnar, could I ask you a question about Soulmates? I’m a (Polish-born) lecturer at a university on the southeast coast of China. This term I’m leading a songwriting seminar in which several of your songs will be held up as exemplars of excellence. (One of the perks of planning a course from scratch: total freedom.) Up first are Soulmates and I Don’t Like People.

    There’s a video on YouTube in which Soulmates is credited to both you and your dad. I hadn’t realized! It makes the song even more touching, though, to know that. And now I wonder in what capacity the collaboration happened. Was the music an unfinished Rabbi tune? Or did your dad write some (or most) of the words?

    good wishes from afar, Sigismund

    • That sounds very interesting Sigismund, thank you for having me as a subject.
      To answer your question, I wrote the song Soulmates the day after my father passed away. His body was still in our house, lying in bed and somehow I could feel his presence better that day than the previous days when he was still alive.
      I felt a strong urge to write this song as if he was there channeling it through me… whatever it was that happened, I just felt (and still do) that he had a bigger part in writing this song than I ever did, even though he had already passed away.
      Hope that answers your question!
      With love

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