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2 responses to “Links

  1. Hello Ragnar
    You’re beautiful mentally and physically.I just purchased some of your compositions off Amazon.Enjoy your personal projects and POS art, haven’t heard the sign project yet.Even with the language difference I enjoy Aviv Geffen and Alcest so looking forward to that. Please keep the contrast of emotions and perspectives in your music and I will attempt to spread your work here in my city,near Austin, Texas.Will buy psychical copies of you work soon as well.

  2. janice batchelor

    hello Ragnar
    I saw you in New York in Feb. Your song Meaningless hit a lot of buttons for me. The way your voices weaved together was beautiful. So it’s sad that you couldn’t get the mental and spiritual needs part of being in a band together with them. I hope this bump in the road won’t keep you down long and wish you fortune and happiness.

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