220 / Celestía CD pre sale

a pre-sale for the CD is up and running, the batch consists of handmade and numbered CD’s, 44 in total.

The song 220 is written about my time as a teenager living in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. 220 being the postal code of my old neighbourhood. The song is all sung in Icelandic and is influenced by hope for a better future.


The CD’s will be shipped in the next week as I am still working on the packaging, anyone who still has an undelivered shipment can expect their orders to be shipped next week as well! Sorry for the wait…

With Love



220:Celestía simi

2 responses to “220 / Celestía CD pre sale

  1. janice batchelor

    I got both 220 and aanonymous, I love both. Your voice haunts me Thank for the beautiful music

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