ROG II on streaming and pre-sale

Edited: ROG II will hit most some streaming services on Friday the 13th of November (including apple music)

Pre-sale for physical handmade CD will start the same day.

The album is an acoustic one just like the original ROG, but while the first one had both original songs as well as stripped down acoustic versions of already existing songs, ROG II is strictly original material.

I was meaning to do the same thing as on the first one but I just couldn’t stop writing new songs. What happened was, I hit a very deep anxiety period where I was just a mess, on the weekends I’d go into my studio with a bottle of wine and just start recording what I was feeling. Sometimes recording 2-3 songs per night, then I didn’t listen to them until I had them all done. The very next day my anxiety was completely gone so this served me as a very good therapy, digging as deep into my darkest corners as I could and just stare the problems straight in the eye. As I heard somewhere: The only way to eliminate darkness is by shining light on it and seeing it for what it really is.

Needless to say, the album is veeeery gloomy and heavy, by far my most melancholic one yet, but I sincerely hope that it might do for others what it did for me.

Anyways, you have been warned 🙂


6 responses to “ROG II on streaming and pre-sale

  1. Ranger,
    Saw you with POS.( and had the pleasure of meeting you on both cruise to the edges)
    YOU made the band!!!!

    Please continue!😀
    Hey, I know it’s expensive but,also do some touring in the US!
    I Own liquor stores and will keep you in the wine! Lol

    Keep up the killing!!

  2. On what streaming services is it available? Is there somewhere where you can buy it digitally?

  3. Hi Peter! I’m not entirely sure about all the services but at least it’s available on iTunes and apple music (both for streaming and digital purchasing)
    see link below


  4. Raquel Fernandes Zorzanelli

    man, you’ve just reached new levels of melancoly with this one! I had to use the instagram stories music tools to listen to the album (LOL), because I couldn’t find it on spotify or youtube, and I don’t use apple, so.. but anyways, I hope you’re ok now, Ragnar, from all the anxiety and stuff.. keep on rocking, the album sounds beautiful and deep and I will purchase mine soon 🙂 thank you for another great work!

  5. this CD is a wonderfull job Rgnar. As always, Thak you for your job and your voice. Thanks

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