In Cambridge!

So far we’ve played in Atlanta (twice), Springfield-Maryland & New Jersey.

It’s been great doing these shows, in Atlanta we played the entire Remedy Lane album. It was only really stressful, as there were a lot of people there with high expectations and those songs are very demanding. We pulled through though and had a blast in doing so.

This morning we got left by the Denny’s Diner by our busdriver…. a little panic there for a minute especially when we got the word that the bus couldn’t turn around to pick us up.
But one of the waitresses there (Megan, the pregnant one) felt sorry for us and drove us to where the bus had parked!
Another nice tour-story to tell the grandkids, I actually need more stories like this one for them kids. Ones that do not include nakedness and too much alcohol consumption.

Denny's Diner


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