The Circle (Darker Side) 10th anniversary release

10 years ago, when I was 20 years old I made this album but didn’t release it because I already released two albums in the same time period. This is the music that made way for the album “The Circle” and reflects further on my feelings about my fathers death and falling in love with my (now) wife. I don’t know why I didn’t release it sooner but now seemed like a good time to brush the dust of it. Untouched since 10 years ago, “The Circle” (Darker Side).
Artwork by my extremely talented best friend @frostignarr (also done 10 years ago).

Physical copies will be for sale soon…. until then you can listen to it or buy mp3 version on spotify, itunes etc

the_circle_final copy

One response to “The Circle (Darker Side) 10th anniversary release

  1. You really moved me. I am also dealing deeply right now with my relationship with my parents. glad you chose to do this!

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