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Delay on shipment

To all you lovely folks who have purchased my album The Hermit (or any other) from my store in the past 2 weeks, I’m really sorry that your albums have not arrived yet. I’ve been away from home, currently in Sweden working with Pain of Salvation and have therefor not been able to create the CD’s (yes each and everyone is specially made from scratch for the person who buys it). However, I will be back running the one-man manifacture in a couple of days and you will have your albums before weekend.
My apologies
With love

Store is up and running

The store is ready! just look to your left
more items will be added as soon as possible, some of the older CD’s are either sold out or buried in a storage room somewhere.
T-shirts and 24 bit wav files will also be availble in the near future 🙂


Store up soon

I’m currently working on setting up a store for online purchase of my albums.
The Hermit is being packaged in exclusive 50 copies only which will be available there, so far the only place where it’s being sold is Smekkleysa (bad taste records) a small record store at Laugavegur, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Home & Music

After 5 weeks on the road with Pain of Salvation, both driving across the states and doing festivals in Europe I’m back home with my family and working on new material.
2 albums in fact, well soon there’ll be 3 in the making as in a couple of weeks we’re starting to write the new Pain of Salvation album.

Until then, here’s a new addition to my catalog available for digital sale and streaming.

In Cambridge!

So far we’ve played in Atlanta (twice), Springfield-Maryland & New Jersey.

It’s been great doing these shows, in Atlanta we played the entire Remedy Lane album. It was only really stressful, as there were a lot of people there with high expectations and those songs are very demanding. We pulled through though and had a blast in doing so.

This morning we got left by the Denny’s Diner by our busdriver…. a little panic there for a minute especially when we got the word that the bus couldn’t turn around to pick us up.
But one of the waitresses there (Megan, the pregnant one) felt sorry for us and drove us to where the bus had parked!
Another nice tour-story to tell the grandkids, I actually need more stories like this one for them kids. Ones that do not include nakedness and too much alcohol consumption.

Denny's Diner


On tour in the USA with Pain of Salvation

September 10th @ ProgPower USA / Center Stage / Atlanta / GA / USA
September 13th @ ProgPower USA / Center Stage / Atlanta / GA / USA
September 14th @ Empire / Springfield / VA / USA
September 16th @ Roxy And Dukes / Dunellen / NJ / USA
September 17th @ The Middle East / Cambridge / MA / USA
September 18th @ The Marlin Room / New York City / NY / USA
September 19th @ Theatre Plaza / Montreal / QC / Canada
September 20th @ Coda / Toronto / ON / Canada
September 21st @ Reggie’s / Chicago / IL / USA
September 24th @ El Corazon / Seattle / WA / USA
September 26th @ Cheyenne Saloon / Las Vegas / NV / USA
September 27th @ Ramona Mainstage / Ramona / CA / USA
September 28th @ The Center Theater / Whittier / CA / USA
September 30th @ Jose Cuervo Salon / Mexico City / Mexico

New solo album “The Hermit” out on August 1st

Here it is folks, the album I’ve been working on for the past 2 years. In my oppinion this is by far the darkest I’ve been music wise, being under a lot of influence from one of my all time favourite albums “Pornography” by The Cure. Go to The Hermit page for further inside info on the album.

New Website in August 2014