North American Tour Announced


Looking forward to playing new PoS material in February!



European tour dates with Pain of Salvation


Friday song: Where my Heart is Bound

New song, Dark Allure

I am always making music, sometimes it’s rock, sometimes it’s flower power or whatever…but it’s always just the way I feel. Honest music without genre or label.
While spending over 2 years writing and recording the new Pain of Salvation album I accidently almost finished another album, working at night when everyone was asleep.
The artwork is a mesmerising make up done by my beautiful wife Soley Astudottir

There will be more to come, next friday and the friday after that etc etc

New solo album almost ready

In the 2 months that have gone since I got back from recording the new Pain of Salvation album. I have been sneaking out at night working on new solo material.
It has shaped up to an album which is almost done and will be released this summer.
These are some of the darkest songs I have ever written but it’s still a lot more approachable than my last album The Hermit.

More details coming…sometime

You know the hotel is too fancy for you when…

5. You address the bellman as “wow thank you sir!”

4. The reception hall is so nice looking that you have to stop and take a picture in case nobody believes you.

3. You wash your underwear and socks in the bathroom sink.

2. You have an empty minibar because they know you’re not good for it.

1. This is what you leave on the antique mahogany writing desk.

CD’s back in business


Finally everything is back to normal and I’m making CD’s again in the living room.
Everyone who bought the Hermit in the past month will get The Circle sent to them as well as a treat.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience my friends.

With love

Delay on shipment

To all you lovely folks who have purchased my album The Hermit (or any other) from my store in the past 2 weeks, I’m really sorry that your albums have not arrived yet. I’ve been away from home, currently in Sweden working with Pain of Salvation and have therefor not been able to create the CD’s (yes each and everyone is specially made from scratch for the person who buys it). However, I will be back running the one-man manifacture in a couple of days and you will have your albums before weekend.
My apologies
With love

Store is up and running

The store is ready! just look to your left
more items will be added as soon as possible, some of the older CD’s are either sold out or buried in a storage room somewhere.
T-shirts and 24 bit wav files will also be availble in the near future 🙂


Store up soon

I’m currently working on setting up a store for online purchase of my albums.
The Hermit is being packaged in exclusive 50 copies only which will be available there, so far the only place where it’s being sold is Smekkleysa (bad taste records) a small record store at Laugavegur, Reykjavik, Iceland.